The Prince

Dear Prince,
The harm I’ve caused
It’s unacceptable.
There is a reason I don’t exist in fairy tales
I am visible only to you
Your fair maiden awaits
Certain to be with you when I go away
Why waste time on a character
Like me
You will fall hard in love
But you aren’t good for me
Cutting you down
I still make you smile
But we will last
Just for a while
I’ll slip away
Although we’ll both weep
I’ll have made you the man
You’re meant to be
When the real story begins
Once upon a time
I will have fled
Forever lost in time
Your maiden will come to dance
At the ball
And you’ll know how to treat her
I taught you it all
No one will know
The girl that is me
Who made their Prince Charming
Perfect as can be


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